Barrier Grab 5000

Handles for positioning
Replaceable rubber grips
Crane lifting eye
Adjustable width 50-800 mm
Lifts 5000 kg


Scope of use

Use the Barrier Grab with a crane to lift, move, position and place prefabricated concrete barriers. The Barrier Grab 5000 can be easily adjusted for loads between 50 -800mm making it a flexible multi use tool for lifting a variety of barrier sizes. The jaws are locked open when it is lowered over a barrier and once in position it automatically closes the jaws and begins to grip the barrier, the grip increases as the weight increases. When the barrier is lowered and positioned on the ground the jaws return to the open position ready for the next barrier.

For lifting lighter smaller blocks, barriers and kerbs please see our other  products Kerb Grab 150 or Kerb Grab 600.

Technical specification
Articel number: 70858
Capacity: 5000 kg
Load width (between the grip surface): 50-800 mm
Weight: 235 kg
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