Block Grab 1800

Handles for positioning
Adjustable width 50-800 mm
Replaceable rubber grips
Crane lifting eye
Bracket for safety net


The Starke Arvid Block Grab is designed for lifting bricks and blocks using a crane. It adapts automatically to the width of the load from 1100 mm to 400 mm when it grips the load. Use the handles to fine-tune and position the arms relative to the load.

An optional safety net can be hooked over the fitted hooks on the Block Grab to provide extra safety when lifting a load.

Scope of use

The Block Grab is suitable for lifting bricks and blocks using a crane. It can lift layer by layer from a pallet or the whole load from a pallet. The Block Grab automatically grips the blocks when it starts to lift so can be positioned and used by one person.

If you need to lift and transport blocks and bricks on pallets our Crane Fork is ideal or if its barriers and blocks then our Barrier Grab is perfect.

Technical specification
Articel number: 70857
Capacity: 1800 kg
Weight: 250 kg
Load width (between the grip surfaces): 400-1100 mm
Load height (inner height): 850 mm
Length of grip surface: 1200 mm
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