Board Lifter 70

Lifting yoke
Removable transport
Lockable castors

Your tool for smooth plasterboard installation

Some of the Plasterboard Lift’s biggest advantages are its slim design and quick and safe operation, facilitating work even in tight spaces. At the same time it also utilises a larger mounting surface, providing great ergonomic support for workers.

The Board Lifter 70 is the tool for the last step in the plasterboard installation process. It provides a smoother and more efficient way to lift plasterboard during installation, which not only provides ergonomic relief for you and your workers but is also a safer way of working. You simply lift the plasterboard directly from the Plasterboard Trestles or Transit Bench and it is ready for installation. Quick and easy.

Scope of use
Our Board Lifter 70 is a tool that facilitates the installation of plasterboard. You simply lift up the sheet when it is time for installation. After which the plasterboard can easily be raised and lowered using the yoke that sits at the wheel, to set a good working position. There is a safety catch in the raising and lowering function for your security – and two lockable castors, providing structural stability prior to installation. During transport it is easy to remove the Board Lifter 70 for easier storage.

Technical specification
Articel number: 70001
Max load: 70 kg
Width: 750 mm
Length: 750 mm
Height: 1700-3200 mm
Weight: 24 kg
SRA-code: 756322
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