Board Trolley

Removable poles
Bent edge
Swivel castors
Puncture proof wheels

Transporting plaster, doors and glass

The Board Trolley is a perfect tool to transport small quantities of plasterboard or other sheet material that otherwise would be carried by hand on construction sites. The Board Trolley can ergonomically transport up to 350 kg of board easily along narrow passages.

The Board Trolley has the advantages over other Board carts or A-frames in that the vertical poles can be removed to allow easy transportation from site to site.

Scope of use
The Board Trolley is versatile and can transport board, doors and packs of metal stud with ease. It can be used on a variety of jobs, from housebuilding to larger commercial projects. It’s two large front wheels and rear castors give great maneuverability. One of the castors is braked to allow safe loading of the trolley.


Technical specification
Articel number: 11700
Max load: 350 kg
Length: 1130 mm
Height: 1180 mm
Weight: 40 kg
SRA-code: 161122
Total width 640 mm
Width, load: 220 mm
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