Boat Skip

Lifting arm lock
Lifting lever for selfe- emptying
Locking mechanism for self- emptying
4-way fork pockets

A self-emptying Boat Skip with 4-way fork pockets

The Starke Arvid range of Boat Skips can be used for transporting materiel, waste and rubbish on construction sites by crane or forklift. And it has 4 way fork pockets at the bottom for easy handling. The 4-way fork pockets that also serve as reinforcements in the base frame.

They can be easily picked up and emptied by the crane operator. Their locking mechanism uses the skip weight to secure it when lifting and releases when it’s time to empty.

Scope of use

The Boat Skip is very easy for the crane operator to retrieve and empty himself. Smart locking mechanism that with the self-weight secures the material base during lifting and is easily released when it is time to empty in a larger container.

Boat Skip can be used with our plasterboard Chipper. The pasterboard Chipper cuts the plaster into chocolate cake sized pieces that are collected directly in Boat Skip.

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