Carry Handle

The rubberized handle
Unique wear heels

In professions where you lift plasterboard and other sheet materials from the ground, it is easy to incur damage and often involves uncomfortable and strenuous movements. Now a product is available that solves this problem. Starke Arvid’s Carry Handle is the ideal solution to avoid many wrist and shoulder injuries. 

The Carry Handle from Starke Arvid gives you a secure grip that reduces the risk of unnecessary damage to both you and the material. You can also hold the material away from you in a simple way. Instead of flipping your wrists, the Carry Handle is angled during the task.

Uses for the Carry Handle

  • The handle is equipped with 3 carrying prongs, including 2 that are rubberised. The structure is made to create friction that sets the sheet in the clamp.
    The third prong has 2 sturdy steel plates that function for both carrying and protection when setting down the material.
  • When working alone you can utilise the projecting plates and place them under the sheet. You will receive support throughout lifting and carrying, while your body and shoulders benefit from lateral support in positions that are natural to the body.
  • If you are working in pairs, you can use the handle’s other function. By pinning the sheet between the two rubberised carrying bars, you can work in the right position regardless of whether you are of different heights. There is no longer a need to bend, crouch or stretch when it is time to carry.
Technical specification
Articel number: 11900
Width: 118 mm
Length: 151 mm
Height: 54 mm
Weight: 0,4 kg
Depth lifting hooks: 20 x 20 mm
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