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More efficient recovery of your plasterboard waste

It can be costly to handle bulky plasterboard waste to be packed and shipped away in containers. By using a Chipper to shred your plasterboard waste, you can ship more plasterboard in each shipment. With this plasterboard shredder you can save on both labour and costs for internal and external transport.
You also increase personal safety during handling.

Scope of use

The Chipper is mobile and can easily be placed where you want it. It then converts your plasterboard waste to biscuit-sized pieces as you gather it up in our Waste Bin, a big bag, scoop or container. If you really want to develop an effective approach, you can connect the Chipper to chute with a container. This way you skip many time-consuming tasks and internal transport, which is costly. Since the waste is shredded into small pieces, you do not risk stoppage in the chute and you can even create a “closed” system to prevent other waste from mixing with plasterboard waste.

Technical specification
Articel number: 37000 37000
Width: 1240 mm 1240 mm
Length: 600 mm 600 mm
Height: 1030 - 1240 mm 1030 - 1240 mm
Weight: 145 kg 145 kg
Working height: 900 - 1110 mm 900 - 1110 mm
Power: 230 V, 50Hz, 6,6 A 110 V, 50Hz
Plaster width: <700 mm <700 mm
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