Crane Inlift Frame

Tripartite chain
Adjustable posts
Collapsible posts

Lifting plasterboard by crane

Carrying plasterboard by hand is both a waste of time and an unnecessary risk of personal injury to your employees. With a Lifting Frame you no longer have to handle plasterboard by hand and there is no need to install intake bridges. Realise a lot of savings in your business with the help of a Lifting Frame.

A Lifting Frame provides increased speed for the process of inward transport of plasterboard, saving many employee hours to use for other jobs at the construction site. Workflow also becomes easier because you no longer need to transport plasterboard to the site until exactly when it will be used.

Scope of use

The Lifting Frame is used for loading with a crane through openings in the facade. It is designed to quickly and easily allow the Lift Truck or El8 to take over the plasterboard directly from delivery. Its stable tubular construction is designed to be manoeuvred safely with the help of a crane. This means there is no need to block the lifts with plasterboard transport, but instead frees up space for anything else that can be transported by lift.

Technical specification
Articel number: 20000
Max load: 1600 kg
Width: 1000/1300 mm
Length: 4250 mm
Weight: 325 kg
SRA-code: 752742
Height without load supports: 630 mm
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