El8 3.0 – Electric Lift Truck

Adjustable construction
Emergency stop + Collision protection
Spring-loaded handles
Electric motor + drive wheel
Centerd four-wheel steering
Battery charger
Lifting hook

Easier, efficient and safe plasterboard transport

Now a single person can carry up to 1200 kg of plasterboard completely by themselves – with Starke Arvid’s Electric Lift Truck. This truck is part of a larger concept to free up man hours and streamline the entire workflow at your worksite.

The Electric Lift Truck is designed for increased ergonomics and efficiency in construction logistics and is the absolute safest product in this category. The EL8 3.0 is a brand new model and our most advanced plasterboard truck. Designed for the future where all our battery-powered machines stand for outstanding performance and operating time. With Starke Arvid’s El8 3.0, a single person can easily move loads of up to 1200 kg of plasterboard. The electric drive system enables the El8 to move freely even on uneven surfaces and reduces the load on the handler.

Scope of use

With the EL8 3.0 one person can easily transport a pack of plasterboard /sheet material. Simply load the pack on by crane or forklift and transport the plasterboard to where you want it. Then raise the platform, position Trestles underneath and lower the pack onto the trestles. The truck can now be moved out, leaving the pack safe and secure on the trestles at a good working height.

Technical specification
Articel number: 18800
Max load: 1200 kg
Weight: 720 mm
Length: 1720 mm
Height: To technology approach 615-745 mm
Weight: 370 kg
SRA-code: 162162
Height exclusive handle: 1880 mm
Distance between materials wallpaper: 1300-1960 mm
Battery pack: 24V system 115 Ah
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