Fencing Stand

Holds 30 pcs fencing hedges

Simplified handling of transport and storage

Working with scaffolding and fencing often means a lot of assembly, transport and storage work. Above all it is usually difficult to store and transport fencing because of its bulky design. With Starke Arvid’s Fencing Rack you get a solution that facilitates both transport and storage.

The Fencing Rack enables you to store all fencing standing up instead of lying down, providing entirely different conditions for smart storage of bulky materials. Its smart functionality can revolutionise your worksite when it comes to finding and implementing a better and more efficient workflow.

Scope of use
Starke Arvid’s Fencing Rack is the tool to facilitate transport and handling of all fencing for those who work with scaffolding. The rack can be easily removed in a snap, so it is easier to transport and store in minimal space when not in use.

In use, it allows you to store all fencing standing up instead of lying down, freeing up a whole new option for managing storage. For hauling smaller items there is an accompanying divider, allowing you to temporarily divide and reduce the load surface so that goods are stable, even in a smaller form.

Technical specification
Articel number: 15500
Max load: 600 kg
Width: 1200 mm
Length: 1600 mm
Height: 230 mm (folded)
Weight: 60 kg
Height, folded: 230 mm
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