Glass Lift 600 Outdoor

Adjustable spreader
Battery charger
Vacuum heater
Sideway diviation
Front wheel drive
Gas absorbers
Overload protection

A robust multi-machine that can handle diverse environments

Our Glass Lift 600 Outdoor is particularly sought after as a tough machine that can handle varying surfaces and environments. It can handle very large and heavy panels in a gentle and smooth way, thanks to its sturdy wheels and motor drive front.

Whether you face hilly outdoor terrain or crowded indoor passages with tight corners, rest assured that our Glass Lift 600 can manoeuvre. It has enormous power in spite of its sleek and compact design. It reaches up to 2482 mm in the horizontal position and has a lifting arm extension of 1245 mm above the front wheels. With the supplement of accessories such as lifting hooks and lifting forks, you can invest in a multi-machine to benefit your entire construction site.

Scope of use

The Glass Lift is primarily used, as it sounds, for safer and smoother handling of the shipment and installation of glass panels – while accessories allow for an even greater range of applications. It is equipped with suction cups that can secure windows, glass panels, fire doors or similar items during transport – relieving your workers from a lot of heavy and awkward lifting. The Glass Lift 600 can handle panels up to a full 600 kg and is designed to manoeuvre smoothly in different rooms and environments.

Technical specification
Articel number: 70706
Width: 937 mm
Length: 1773 mm
Height: 1524 mm
Weight: 860 kg
Battery capacity: (2 x 12 V) 24V
Lift capacity: 600 kg
Max lift height vertical: 2982 mm
Max lift height horizontally: 3482 mm
Extend the arm in front of the wheel: 1245 mm
Lateral displacement: +/- 50 mm = 100 mm
Gyro function: Yes
Gas damper on the boom: Yes
Vacuum system: 2 circuit
Charging current: 230 V
Integrated charger: Yes
Charging: About 8 hours
Engine / operation: Front wheel drive
Suction cups: 6 st. ø 250 mm
Quick couplings vacuum: Yes
Lifting and lashing eyes: Yes
Accessories: Lifting hook, lifting forks, Wireless Remote
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