Glass Lift 800 Outdoor

Adjustable spreader
Lift arms hydraulics
Sideway diviation
Front wheel drive
Integrated charger
Overload protection

Our most powerful machine in the outdoor series

This is the strongest and toughest machine in our outdoor range when it comes to handling and transport of glass up to a full 800 kg. The motor driven sturdy front wheel creates new opportunities for the traditional installation process.

Our Glass Lift 800 Outdoor handles a lifting height of up to 4780 mm, which makes it unique. The extension arm is also designed with a double telescopic hydraulic function that can extend 2560 mm in front of the front wheels.

It provides greater safety and precision in the installation process thanks to a whole range of features. These include electronic rotation of the lifting yoke, lateral displacement of the front wheel axle, two separate vacuum pumps and eight suction cups. The list of features speaks for itself. This is a tough machine that does not give up easily.

Scope of use

Our Glass Lift 800 is used for handling and transport of glass panels. Using its eight suction cups, it secures to large glass panels and holds them up during transport and installation. A helper that relieves your workers from heavy and awkward lifting and postures, reducing the risk of workplace injuries. With optional accessories you can also expand the Glass Lift’s application to become a multi-tool for the entire construction site.

Technical specification
Articel number: 70711
Lift capacity: 800 kg
Weight: 1300 kg
Height: 1140 mm
Width: 990 mm
Length: 1657 mm
Max lift height vertical: 4341 mm
Max lift height horizontally: 4780 mm
Extend the arm in front of the wheel: 2560 mm
Double telescopic function: 2 x 1000 mm
Lateral displacement: +/- 50 mm = 100 mm
Electronic rotation of lifting beam: 90 degrees
Control: Wireless remote control
Counterweights: 368 kg
Gyro function: Yes
Dual hydraulic lifters: Yes
Vacuum system: 2 circuit
Charging current: 230 V
Integrated charger: Yes
Charge time: About 8 hours
Battery: (2 x 12 V) 24 V
Engine / operation: Front wheel
Suction cups: 8 st. ø 360 mm
Quick couplings vacuum: Yes
Socket: 24 V socket
Lifting device: Lifting hook 360 rotating
Lifting and lashing eyes: Yes
Accessories: Lifting hook, lifting forks
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