Kerb Grab 600

Handles for positioning
Crane lifting eye
Replaceable rubber grips


The Starke Arvid Kerb Grab 600 is designed to lift heavier pre cast concrete or stone kerbs, road barriers and blocks. The Kerb Grab 600 has an automatic loading and unloading function for safe lifting and handling of kerbs, barriers and blocks

Scope of use

Use the Kerb Grab together with a crane or our fork mounted hook for easy lifting and positioning of kerbs, stone or concrete blocks. It has a working width that is adjustable between 50-600 mm, can lift loads up to 600 kg and has an automatic load and release function.

If you need to lift heavier blocks or barriers our Barrier Grab is able to lift up to 5000 kg. Alternatively, if you need to lift and position smaller kerbs mechanically or manually up to 150 kg, then read more about our Kerb Grab 150.

Technical specification
Articel number: 70854
Capacity: 600 kg
Lifting width: 50-600 mm
Weight: 35 kg
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