Lift Truck 3.0

Turns on 1.6 meters
ERGOwheel (Puncture proof wheels)
Centered four-wheel steering
Adjustable height
Double bendt pull handle
Hydraulic lift
Extractable supports

Transporting plasterboard is not manual labour

The Lift truck is a cart that assists you to move plasterboard. It can reduce up to 50% of costs for materials and provide increased profitability, thanks to a streamlined work process. This saves both employees and the production flow. The first Lift truck was developed at the same time as the Starke Arvid lifting system in the mid 90’s. It has been updated over the years and is now available as version 3.0.

Lift truck 3.0 has the best of the previous models

Starke Arvid has taken the best of the previous models and combined it into a model with new technical features. This includes a unique double bend in the pull handle that allows the Lift truck to fit in tight spaces without the handle sticking out, centred four-wheel steering provides a shorter turning radius, lighter weight gives easier operation and three adjustable board supports give stability. Starke Arvid’s basic idea is to producing efficient, ergonomic, and safe products that adds economical savings in the construction process, this is clearly visible in the new Lyft8 3.0.

Handle plasterboards in an efficient, safe and ergonomic manner

Remember that plasterboard is a heavy and unwieldy material that requires a lot to carry. With our Lift truck you can now work in a comfortable, safe and ergonomic way when handling plasterboard and sheet materials. You can unload the whole bundle at once without having to move a single sheet by hand.

The Lift truck is a central part of our lift system for handling plasterboards. It enables a transport from truck to assembly site, without having to hand lift the plasterboards. Profitability can be described as a cost reduction of up to 50% which you gain in saved working hours and elimination of unnecessary and time-consuming parts of the work process.

Area of use

With the Lift truck you can easily transport a pack of plasterboard /sheet material, simply load the pack on by crane using our Crane Inlift Frame or forklift by using our Telehandler Inlift Frame and transport the plasterboard to where you want it. Then raise the platform, position trestles underneath and lower the pack onto the Trestles, the truck can now be moved out leaving the pack safe and secure on the trestles at a good working height.

Its four-wheel steering gives you a turning radius of as little as 1.6 meters, making it easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces. If you need to go slower, simply push the handle down. The handle is easy to remove if you need to save space when transporting the trolley.

Technical specification
Articel number: 18900
Max load: 1200 kg
Length exclusive handle: 1725 mm
Length including handle: 2405 mm
Width: 700 mm
Height: 580 - 730 mm
Weight: 170 kg
Distance between supports: Polyuretanfyllda
Optional: Foldable supports
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