Long Cart

Towing eye
Adjustable length
Weatherproof plywood
Removable corner posts

Efficient and flexible management of your long materials

When you are transporting long materials it is easy to throw away large amounts of time on a fairly difficult and cumbersome task that can be done much more effectively. Starke Arvid’s Long Cart enhances this transport substantially and saves your workers from many ergonomically unsound tasks that create risk of injury.

In addition to the safety risk of overhang, there is also risk of deformation and damage of material during transportation when dealing with high weights. The Long Cart is designed to facilitate just this task. It eliminates the risk of overhang and is also convenient to store, taking up little space when not in use.

Scope of use
Starke Arvid’s Long Cart is used to transport various types of long materials. It is equipped with a handle for length adjustment as well as a sliding length adjustment in five positions, allowing the cart to be set to your needs. The pull handle is equipped with a loading plate and pulling eye for safe and comfortable handling. The surface layer consists of weatherproof plywood.

Technical specification
Adjustable length Adjustable length
Articel number: 13100 13500
Max load: 2500 kg 2500 kg
Width, flatbed: 1080 mm 1080 mm
Length: 2160-3360 mm 2160-3360 mm
Height: 540 mm 540 mm
Weight: 100 kg 120 kg
Length, rod: 1490 mm 1490 mm
Optional: Polyurethane stuffed wheels Polyurethane stuffed wheels
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