Metal Carrier

Adjustable material holder
Optional: Storage bins
Lockable castors
Puncture proof wheels

An easier way to transport and store your studs

An innovative tool that makes it easier for you to transport long cargo such as steel and wood studs, mouldings and PVC pipes. With its adjustable arms, the cart can be customised to your current needs and goods. Thanks to its spaciousness you can also transport screws and tools in the same trip, avoiding unnecessary and time-consuming trips back and forth.

The Metal carrier has heavy additional large pair of wheels at the end of the frame that provide more stability for even heavier cargo. The set of wheels also has the advantage of making the cart easier to manoeuvre, while increasing accessibility.

Scope of use
A Metal carrier can be used to your advantage to bring exactly the right amount and type of goods to the place where you plan to work. A Metal carrier moves your long and heavy items in a simple and sturdy manner and the plastic boxes mounted under the cart frame allow to you carry screws and tools at the same time. You will save time and effort by avoiding several trips with heavy goods. Now everything can be in the same place.

Technical specification
Articel number: 11800
Max load: 500 kg
Max load / shelf: 100 kg
Width: 745 mm
Length: 2055 mm
Height: 1390 mm
Weight: 84 kg
Optional: Storage bins
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