Mobile Workbench

Substantial workspace
Lifting eye
Cable entry
Protective cover for padlock
Support legs
Lockable castors

More efficient work with a Mobile Workbench

Starke Arvid’s Mobile Workbench is an essential tool for anyone working in construction, plumbing and industry. It provides plenty of space for smart storage, with easy access to everything you need to streamline your work and make big profits at your worksite.

By keeping all your gear in one place, you win back the time you threw away from all the years of searching for what you need to do your job. The Mobile Workbench enables you to store your tools, equipment and accessories in one place. Thanks to power access, you can keep your machines charged at all times, even when you have locked the workbench.

Scope of use
Everyone has probably experienced the frustration of looking for a tool and not being able to find it. Without a definite location it is easy to place tools and machines all over the place at the worksite.

With Starke Arvid’s Mobile Workbench you have an easy way to work efficiently. Here you can keep everything in one place with easy access to what you need, when you need it. With its ergonomic working height, the workbench also saves your workers many physical problems that often arise in these industries due to poor posture.

The bench is equipped with a sturdy handle, two solid, puncture-proof tires and lockable swivel wheels that make it easy to transport. It also has two retractable legs that provide stability on all types of surfaces. The front-loading workbench holds a full 430 litres with a substantial protective cover over the lock for security, as well as concealed hinges on the inside.

Technical specification
Articel number: 36300
Max load: 450 kg
Width: 800 mm
Length: 1300 mm
Weight: 165 kg
Height incl. wheel: 900 mm
Volume: 430 l
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