Plasterboard Trestle

New strong construction
Steel pipe end

Brings the work up off the floor

Our Plasterboard Trestles allow board to be stored off the floor at an ergonomic work height for cutting and lifting. Storing board on trestles minimises the risk of injury through tripping and damage to the board..

The Starke Arvid Plasterboard Trestle design has undergone extensive independent testing for weight loading. The simple yet strong design will hold a maximum 400Kgs load per trestle when correctly used. It’s ability to hold weight is due to the pipe ends gripping the surface and not slipping. Trestles should only be used on a level cement or similar surface where the pipe ends can grip, they are not designed for use on slippery surfaces such as smooth steel or tiled floors.

Scope of use

The trestles are placed evenly under the plasterboard.. A minimum three trestles should be used per load to provide an even weight loading and avoid deformation of the sheets. With the help of our Lift-8 or EL8 trucks you can easily lower the board safely onto the trestles. When not being used you can store the trestles in our Plasterboard Trestle Rack. In this way there is room to fit up to 102 trestles in only 1.5 m².

Technical specification
Articel number: 21000
Max load: 400 kg
Weight: 1200 mm
Length: 550 mm
Height: 650 mm
Weight: 6 kg
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