Platform Truck

Removable corner posts
Pull handles
Four-wheel steering

The flatbed cart that turns 1000 kg on a dime

The Mini-8 and Midi-8 are reliable tools, unobstructed by uneven surfaces, narrow passages or sharp angles. They can handle loads up to 1000 kg and can even be used as a portable workbench. They provide a high safety factor for the user with an automatic brake function.

With four-wheel steering, these flatbeds are capable of turning 1000 kg on a dime. They manoeuvre smoothly and flexibly and provide a high safety factor for the user. Specifically the parking brake is automatically activated when the handle is folded up or dropped down into the “dead man’s grip”.

Scope of use

Mini-8 and Midi-8 are helpful tools in nearly every process involving transport. For example when bringing small machines in and out, insulation, mouldings, ventilation, materials, fittings and much more. The structure is created to provide agility and flexibility for transportation, thanks to four-wheel steering and a reduced turning radius. With removable corner posts, you can also transport more efficiently by stacking up materials at height. Regardless of the material to be transported, these flatbed carts makes the process both safer and more effective for everyone.

Technical specification
Midi-8 Mini-8
Articel number: 18200 18100
Max load: 1000 kg 1000 kg
Height: 510 mm 510 mm
Weight: 100 kg 80 kg
SRA-code: 162111 162111
Length of handle: 1350 mm 1100 mm
Width, platform: 900 mm 670 mm
Length, flatbed: 2000 mm 1560 mm
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