Reinforcement Stand

Lifting eye
Secure storage
Fork pockets

Secure transportation with a good storage system

With Starke Arvid’s Reinforcement Stand you get a structured and safe system for storage and transport of finished cut and pre-bent reinforcement. Feel calm during transport with this Reinforcement Stand, while effectively overseeing and facilitating the work process for all involved.

Everyone in the building industry knows that handling reinforcement bar can be risky because it is difficult cargo to handle. Transport by cart also has an element of risk because any iron that falls out can be fatal. We thought of all this when we developed Starke Arvid’s Reinforcement Stand. The result is a well thought-out and intelligent design that eliminates cumbersome and dangerous tasks and makes them history.

The Reinforcement Stand is available in two versions: one for only reinforcement bar and a combination of both reinforcement bar and the entire reinforcement mesh.

Scope of use
After you have cut the iron in the reinforcement station, load it into the Reinforcement Stand. In this way you increase safety, order and efficiency in the work process. Then utilise the Reinforcement Stand’s lifting eyes and forklift boxes to easily and conveniently lift it into the building. Once in place, work is also made easier because it is already structured in good order in the Reinforcement Stand.

Technical specification
Bars/Pipe Dual-purpose
Articel number: 12200 12300
Max load: 4500 kg 4500 kg
Width: 1100 mm 1600 mm
Length: 3000 mm 3000 mm
Height: 1700 mm 2200 mm
Weight: 400 kg 450 kg
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