Transit Bench

Folding handle
Support legs
Transport and worktable
Fold plan
Lockable castors

The table for both transport and adaptation of materials

The Transit Bench has an important place in the plasterboard processing flow, facilitating transport of your Plasterboard to the installation site. Additionally you can use the Transit Bench’s surface for cutting your plasterboard on the spot, before it is moved to the Board Lifter for installation.

The Transit Bench’s ergonomic and flexible design gives your workplace a more thought-out concept, saving both time and effort for your staff. They can use the Sheet Cart to transport materials and it also works well as a work table.

Scope of use
The Transit Bench’s function is to enable your workers to move plasterboard material in a simple and easy way from the Plasterboard Trestles to the installation site. Thanks to its clever design you can also use the Transit Bench to cut and adapt your plasterboard materials on the spot before they will be installed.

Its stable tubular steel construction supports up to 500 kg of plasterboard or about 20 pieces of plasterboard. You can switch between horizontal and vertical positions, depending on the application. In the horizontal position the four smaller wheels and built-in support legs come down automatically, giving you greater support while processing your plasterboard. When you are transporting the cart, it folds up into a vertical position and uses the easy-rolling pneumatic wheels. The cart then becomes very narrow and manoeuvres problem-free even in narrow passages and over uneven surfaces.

Technical specification
900/1200 mm 900 mm
Articel number: 10600 10400
Max load: 500 kg 500 kg
Width: 720 mm 720 mm
Length: 2025 mm 2025 mm
Height: 1470 mm 1310 mm
Weight: 100 kg 85 kg
SRA-code: 161113 161113
Working height: 870 mm 870 mm
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