Transport Frame

4-way fork pockets
Fixing point
Non-slip treadplate flooring
Foldable ramp

Avoid transport damage with the Transport Frame

Starke Arvid Transport Frame allows you to handle expensive and advanced machines in a safe, structured and effective way. Eliminate transport injuries while transporting glaslift machines (or other types of machines). The transport frame has a smart and robust construction with a treadplate top, strong and folding loadramp, and outlet for straps or slings in order to secure the machine, 4-way fork pockets for smooth handling, with a maximum capacity of 1300 kg. It’s what we call smart design.

Technical specification
Articel number: 39200
Max load: 1300 kg
Width: 1120 mm
Length, raised ramp: 2380 mm
Length, lowered ramp: 2980 mm
Height: 185 mm
Weight: 200 kg
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