Trestle Stand

Foundation set
EU pallet standard format

By keeping your Plasterboard Trestles in our Trestle Stand, you free up vital space. Get orderliness in the workplace and make things safer and more easily accessible for your workers. With its stable tubular construction you can store up to 102 trestles in just 1.5 m². That is what we call smart design.

Our Trestle Stand allows for smooth handling of your Plasterboard Trestles, both for storage and transport. Since the rack is easy to disassemble you can choose how many shelves you want to use – between one and six. It is also mounted on an EU-pallet for easy transport by forklift, for example.

Scope of use

The Trestle Stand needs only 1.5 m² of its own space, while it can accommodate up to 102 trestles. The design works so that you fold up the Plasterboard Trestles after use and hang them in this compact and mobile storage solution. A large amount of trestles can easily be stored in minimal space when not in use, but are still close at hand. The Trestle Stand is also a perfect tool for transport.

Technical specification
Articel number: 21100
Max load: 700 kg
Width: 800 mm
Length: 1200 mm
Height: 1600 mm
SRA-code: Does not exist
Weight including EU pallet: 70 kg
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