Vakuflex 280

Overload protection
Adjustable lift arms
Attachment for lift arm
2 separate vacuum pumps
Battery charger

VakuFlex 280

The Vakuflex 280 is a vacuum device that helps you with glass panels of up to 280 kg, excellent for façade installation with a mobile crane. The unit is flexible and has adjustable arms, giving you a wide range of configuration options for your installation.

With its smart design, the device makes it easier to install glass panels that can require a supporting machine for lifting, handling and installation.

Scope of use
Vakuflex 280 is an ideal machine for façade installation with a mobile crane. Its adjustable arms provide a large number of settings and can be adapted for both small and large panels.  The unit has an integrated charger and two separate vacuum pumps with safety switches. It also has two separate vacuum circuits where each individual circuit can hold the maximum lifting capacity – with double the lifting capacity as a safety factor.

Technical specification
Articel number: 70784
Lift capacity: 280 kg
Weight: 42 kg
Height: 770 mm (max 1467 mm)
Width: 700 mm (max 1467 mm)
Depth: 250 mm
Charging current: 230 V / 50 Hz
Vacuum system: 2-krets
Battery: 12 V
Integrated charger: Yes, incl battery indicator
Rotation: 360 degrees
Tilt Function: 90 degrees
Safety switch: Yes
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