Waste Bin Tipper

Emergency Stop
Puncture proof wheels
Lockable swivel wheels

Effective recycling frees up many working hours

As an employer, you probably do not count the hours wasted on employees lifting, throwing and shovelling around material in containers. Doing a job is not just about what will be built and delivered. You also have to remove all your waste materials in some way, right?

With a Waste Tipper you avoid throwing away expensive man-hours and also free up loaders that can be used elsewhere at the construction site instead. Very efficient management of recycling at your worksite that also increases personal safety in the process. The platform on the Waste Bin Tipper is designed for our Waste Bin – but there are adjustable brackets that allow it to be used with most containers on the market.

Scope of use

The Waste Bin Tipper is used to manage your construction waste in a smooth and efficient way. It has a high load capacity and is easily operated with a two-handed grip and a single keypad. The wheels can be switched to move sideways, allowing you to easily roll the Waste Bin Tipper on a U-beam between different containers. Waste is also directly centred in the container so your workers do not have to stand by and shovel it around to free up space. A big step for increased personal safety.

Technical specification
Articel number: 32000
Width: 1570 mm
Length: 2870 mm
Height: 3430 mm
Weight: 560 kg
SRA-code: 756263
Max. Drain capacity: 750 kg
Max. Container height: 2400 mm
Engine power: 2,2 kW 400 3 phase
Transmission: Double chain drive
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