Waste Bin

Crane lifting eyes
Non marking edge/trim
Lockable castor

Create a cleaner, safer workplace

Our Waste Bin or Rubble Truck makes it easier to collect waste materials for recycling. Get a cleaner and safer workplace with less risk of accidents, while streamlining your workflow.

The Waste Bin also known a Rubble truck, box truck or industrial waste bin, along with other products in our range, creates a smoother and safer workflow. The Waste Bin is robust and durable – something you will notice if you compare it with cheaper “copies”. It manoeuvres and fits everywhere thanks to a mobile design with locking swivel castor and large puncture proof wheels.

Scope of use

The Waste Bin simplifies the task of keeping the workplace clean and safe. It can easily be used in buildings and the rubber edge trim is non marking.

The welded lifting eyes enadble the bin to be crane lifted, and using the Waste Bin creates a cleaner, safer and efficient workplace.

Technical specification
Articel number: 14000 25000
Max load: 750 kg 500 kg
Width: 750 mm 610 mm
Length: 1530 mm 1160 mm
Height: 930 mm 890 mm
Weight: 67 kg 50 kg
SRA-code: 161122 161122
Optional: Lockable lid, PU-hjul, ERGOwheel PU-hjul
Volume: 400L 200L
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