Waste Skip

Four-parts chain
Hook tower
Fork pockets
Front opening

A cleaner and safer worksite

The Waste Skip 1000L and 2000L can create a worksite where work can be performed more quickly and efficiently through better collection of construction waste. It also provides a cleaner and safer worksite with less risk of accidents.

Opt for a smoother workflow that pays off when you get more work out of each hour. Instead of wasting time on processes that are lengthy and difficult to manage. The Waste Skip is an excellent receptacle on each floor level at the worksite. And it is smooth and easy to empty without manual intervention on the ground, thanks to the hook tower.

Scope of use
Our Waste Skip is the bridge between construction and recycling. Collect all your waste materials in this easy to handle skip before they are transported. Skips are stackable, up to three in height. It has fork boxes on both the short and long side and is equipped with lifting eyes and four-part chain so your workers can safely handle it with a crane.

As a crane operator, you can also empty the skip yourself with the hook tower. You simply place the front sling under the hook tower’s hook and lift. The chain is shorter at the rear so all residual materials are collected together when you lift the skip.

Technical specification
Waste Skip 1000 Waste Skip 2000
Articel number: 33400 33300
Load volume equal to edge: 1000 L 2000 L
Max load: 1500 kg 1500 kg
Length: 1360 mm 2360 mm
Width: 1380 mm 1380 mm
Height: 825 mm 825 mm
Height with hook tower: 1185 mm 1185 mm
Weight: 300 kg 300 kg
SRA-code: 752524 752524
Optional: Hook tower + Front opening Hook tower + Front opening
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